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To Knock a Chip out of the Wall: Sophie Scholl

December 1 st 2017 by Karen Wright Marsh

Learning from Sophie Scholl in Charlottesville.

In Violence We Trust?

March 23 rd 2017 by Matthew Loftus

Can we meet our desire for security with more than lamenting "senseless violence"?

The Benedict Option or the Augustinian Call?

March 16 th 2017 by James K.A. Smith

Considering two ancient options for the contemporary church.

World View

March 1 st 2017 by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world.

Millennials and the Military

December 1 st 2016 by Paul Sikkema

Who wants to sign up for a war that can never be won?

What Are We Willing to Know?

August 11 th 2016 by Marilyn McEntyre

Forming wisdom in an age of information overload.

Building Better Markets for the Poor

October 28 th 2015 by Rhys McKendry

You can be part of a Cardus initiative to reform payday lending.

Predatory Lending is Theft

June 1 st 2015 by Stephanie Summers

Why it's time for Christians to call for an end to payday loans.

Run Toward the Pain

May 7 th 2015 by Matthew Loftus

Broken cities need those minor leaders who cultivate a community's moral formation.

A Theology of Immigrant Labour

April 30 th 2015 by Ruth Melkonian-Hoover

Foundational thinking on immigrant labour has to do with public justice, rights, duties, and responsibilities.

The American Housing Massacre

March 12 th 2015 by Brian Dijkema

We don't want a world where fat cats eat starving dogs.

The Ennobling Constraints of the Everyday

January 29 th 2015 by Philip Lorish

How everyday moral decisions are embedded in some of life's deepest questions.

Serving God On The Inside And On The Outside

January 1 st 2015 by John P. Bowen

Are Christians in Politics inevitably compromised?

Deacons, Church, and World

October 9 th 2014 by David Guretzki

Deacons should be permitted to look deeper at the roots of the social issues causing material need.

Social Reform As If History Matters

October 2 nd 2014 by James K.A. Smith

Challenging the monopoly of the state should not be confused with burning it to the ground.