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Marilynne Robinson's Apologia Gloriae

March 1 st 2018 by James K.A. Smith

Grateful for the novelist's public witness, we might worry about what's missing.

Recovering the Revolutionary Nature of Christianity

December 8 th 2016 by Jake Belder

Why we can't afford to forget history.

Reestablishing Rhythms of Remembering

December 9 th 2015 by Benjamin Mast

The church's unique practices of memory are a gift to an aging society.

Editorial: Memory, Forgetting, and Hope

December 1 st 2015 by James K.A. Smith

A biblical call to remember must be written in the future tense.

Lessons for an Amnesiac Society

December 1 st 2015 by Kevin Flatt

How to remember in an age of disruption.

Covering our Tracks

December 1 st 2015 by Roberta Green Ahmanson

If we lose our aesthetic heritage, we lose the means to speak to an age enchanted by images.

Memory, Making, and the Gift of Inheritance

December 1 st 2015 by Bethany Hebbard

A reader's vignette.

We Don't Talk About That

December 1 st 2015 by Mark Charles

When remembering is painful, but necessary.

How to Read an Encyclical (and Why)

December 1 st 2015 by Brian Dijkema

A Protestant's grateful guide to these papal "technologies of remembrance."

Memories Need Stories

December 1 st 2015 by Joseph Elliott Schlabs

A reader's vignette.

The Justice of Memory, the Grace of Forgetting: A Conversation with Miroslav Volf

December 1 st 2015 by Miroslav Volf with James K.A. Smith

How to remember the truth with love, and why we should hope to forget.

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Forget

December 1 st 2015 by Kyle David Bennett

The life of Herman Bavinck shows us how to remember the past, not try to live in it.

The Commons: Remembrance That Limps

December 1 st 2015 by Calvin Seerveld

Remembering and forgiving with our crooked human hearts.

Competing Memories: A Conversation with Rudzani Muloiwa

December 1 st 2015 by Rudzani Muloiwa with Brian Dijkema

A South African photographer talks about how to remember.