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The Modest University

March 1 st 2018 by Chad Wellmon

The moral argument in favour of limits on the moral jurisdiction of universities.

Mass Incarceration and the "Politics of Respectability"

December 14 th 2017 by Jemar Tisby

Sometimes complicity is less about responsibility and more about diminished agency.

To Knock a Chip out of the Wall: Sophie Scholl

December 1 st 2017 by Karen Wright Marsh

Learning from Sophie Scholl in Charlottesville.

Learning to Be Free: Booker T. Washington

December 1 st 2017 by George Sanker

What someone who was enslaved can teach us about a liberal education.

The Friend We Need but Do Not Want: Martin Luther King Jr.

December 1 st 2017 by Gregory Thompson

On the inconvenience of Martin Luther King Jr.

"Deserve's Got Everything to Do with It"

March 2 nd 2017 by Mark Mulder

The resentment that explains rural white political identity sits in tension with both grace and truth.

White Flight, Church Polity, and the Institutional Dynamics of Race

January 28 th 2016 by Jessica Driesenga

Understanding why churches fled and the tools that helped them return.

Our Racist Inheritance: A Conversation Kuyperians Need to Have

May 14 th 2015 by Jeff Liou and David Robinson

A report from the Kuyper Center for Public Theology's recent conference on "Faith and Race".

Run Toward the Pain

May 7 th 2015 by Matthew Loftus

Broken cities need those minor leaders who cultivate a community's moral formation.

Here is the Privilege, and Here is the Cost

November 1 st 2012 by Benjamin Kwashi

Wherever the Gospel is truly lived, it demands change in behaviour, courtesy, and character.

Editorial: What we talk about when we talk about society

September 1 st 2011 by Brian Dijkema and Alissa Wilkinson

A good society has not only its institutions, but its loves in order.

The Place of Race

August 10 th 2011 by Jeff Liou