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Outside In

August 22 nd 2018 by Alan Jacobs

What do we see when we look at ourselves?

The Politics of the Good Samaritan

January 18 th 2018 by Robert Joustra

We've projected our political biases onto the parable. Can we hear it again, afresh?

Failure to Launch?

September 28 th 2017 by Heidi De Jonge

A biblical spirituality is one that sends us into the world.

The Strange New World of the Beatitudes

September 21 st 2017 by Wesley Hill

An encounter with the Sermon on the Mount says something about Christianity as a whole.

Catechesis for a Secular Age

September 1 st 2017 by Timothy Keller with James K.A. Smith

What if the common good just might depend on conversions?

World View

June 1 st 2017 by James K.A. Smith

An annotated reading of your world.

Welcome to a Movement

April 6 th 2017 by James K.A. Smith

Comment promotes a "wide angle" understanding of the Gospel's impact. Join the movement now.

The Benedict Option or the Augustinian Call?

March 16 th 2017 by James K.A. Smith

Considering two ancient options for the contemporary church.

"High" Tories, Low Impact?

January 19 th 2017 by Brent Waters

Worrying about "true" or "pure" or "real" conservatism is a recipe for irrelevance.

By the Book

December 1 st 2016 by Tish Harrison Warren

If prayer is a craft, we shouldn't be ashamed to learn from the masters.

The Church as Jig

December 1 st 2016 by James K.A. Smith

What would it mean to resurrect the idea of a "Christian society"?

How Then Shall We Work?: Divinity

June 1 st 2016 by Kristen Deede Johnson

A symposium on the changing nature of professions in the digital age.

Why Give? Recovering Charity from Philanthropy

April 21 st 2016 by Jeremy Beer

A study of early Christian almsgiving challenges the technocracy of contemporary conceptions of giving

Abandon All Hope Ye Who Forget

December 1 st 2015 by Kyle David Bennett

The life of Herman Bavinck shows us how to remember the past, not try to live in it.

Mortals Telling Stories on the Threshold of Mystery

September 1 st 2015 by Raymond C. Barfield

If we want a better medicine, we have to become better patients, and that means becoming better storytellers.