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David J. Goa counts Paul Tillich, the philosophical theologian, Mircea Eliade, the historian of religion and Jaroslav Pelikan, the eminent historian of Christian ideas as his teachers along with his father, a carpenter, wonderful Bible teacher and the last European pietist to be buried on the Canadian prairies. David is Director of the Chester Ronning Centre for the Study of Religion and Public Life, Augustana campus, University of Alberta, the first such centre in a public university in Canada. Prior to this appointment he developed the program for the study of culture at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton over three decades.

His work and thinking were largely shaped through his field research work exploring living religious traditions and their encounter with modernity. He has published widely on religion and modernity, on the Orthodox tradition of Christianity, art and culture, and the challenges of the modern world to the human spirit. David is also a regular contributor to the media on religious matters. In the year 2000 he developed a major exhibition using over 300 artistic works to explore the meaning of Jesus in the development of the culture of the West. He is also the chief curator for a major international exhibition slated for 2011 title, Incarnation, A Recovery of Meaning, which will use first tier artistic works to explore, in the public setting of art galleries, the meaning of the Incarnation in unveiling the mystery of being human.


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