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David Robinson

David Robinson is a doctoral candidate in theology & ethics at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests include modern theology, German idealism, and the intersection of ethnicity and ecclesiology. While his writing is rooted in the Anglican tradition into which he is ordained, study at New College has sustained his longstanding interest in Reformed theology.

For his doctoral project, David is considering the ethical challenge posed by communal claims to divine sanction. To that end, he is researching Dietrich Bonhoeffer's critical variations on Hegel's thought. The project has significant implications for public theology as it involves Bonhoeffer's use of the phrase "Christ existing as community," his theology of the Word, and his retrieval of the Lutheran "two kingdoms" doctrine.

Prior to his current studies, David worked as a minister in both church and university contexts in Ottawa, Ontario. That role followed the completion of his Master of Divinity degree at Regent College, Vancouver.

Bio last modified May 14th, 2015.

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