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Frequently Asked Questions

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Subscribing to Comment

How do I change my subscription address?

Email us.

How can I subscribe to Comment?

Information about subscribing to Comment, in print or on your iPad, is available here.

Can I buy a subscription for a friend or loved one?

Absolutely—buy a gift subscription here.

How can I buy one or two back issues of Comment?

All of our issues are listed here, available to purchase for as low as $9.00 each.

How can I buy MANY back issues of Comment?

Bulk rates: 1-5 $12.00/ea; 6-49 $9.00/ea; 50+ $6.00/ea. For orders or very high quantities, email us for more details.

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Subscribing to iPad Edition

What is the Comment iPad edition?

The Comment iPad edition is a tablet version of Comment magazine, a quarterly journal that serves Christian leaders and culture makers with rooted, fresh ideas for the faithful practice of North American public life.

How can I sign up for the Comment iPad edition?

Click here now, or log in to the App Store directly on your iPad and search for CARDUS.

I am a print magazine subscriber. Can I get the iPad issue as part of my subscription?

Unfortunately, we're unable to offer a bundled subscription at this time. We're continuing to explore options for the future, but we still want to offer subscriptions for as many platforms as possible.

I'm interested in a previously published issue of Comment. Can I get it on iPad?

You can purchase some single issues of Comment through iTunes now, and more will become available over the next year.

What is included in the subscription I purchased via the App Store?

Just as with print, your annual subscription includes all of the articles in each quarterly edition of Comment. The iPad version also contains colourful photos, live links, and exclusive special features such as audio or video interviews. Be sure to set your subscription to auto-renew to never miss an issue!

Do I need to check the App Store for every new issue?

No, you can relax and enjoy! You will be prompted to download new issues as soon as they're available. Be sure to allow notifications from the Cardus App. An internet connection is required to download new content and for some in-issue features.

Does the issue expire?

No. Once you purchase that issue, it will be available indefinitely from your Newsstand app.

How do I change the font size?

You can't change the font size, however, you can double tap on the screen to zoom in on the text for easier reading.

The iPad extras aren't working!

You need an internet connection to watch the video or listen to audio. Please check your connection and try again, or contact us at if the issue persists.

What's this I hear about a bonus offer?

Here's an easy way to get five issues of Comment for the price of four: when you subscribe or purchase a single issue within the app, look for the prompt "Share my info with the publisher?" and click ALLOW. Voila—you get an automatic extension!

I have some thoughts on the iPad edition. Who can I contact?

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback, by writing to

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Content & Archive Questions

Are the print magazine articles the same ones that appear online?

Until January 1, 2008, our print and online content was virtually identical. Since that date, Comment Online has published entirely distinct content. Beginning in 2011, most print content is only available to subscribers.

How do I find a particular article from Comment's archive?

Visit the archive dashboard here. From there, search by title keyword, by author, by article type, or by year.

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Submitting to Comment

How do I submit an article to Comment?

First, read the Comment Author's Guide, a companion to this FAQ page.

All interested writers are invited to submit article ideas or abstracts to for consideration, along with a writing sample and/or a few recent clips. We promise to read every submission under one hundred (100) words; any more than that, and you're taking your chances it slides off the pile. Published authors will be reimbursed within 30 days of the publication date, at a rate to be determined. In general, Comment publishes only original works.

How do I submit a book for review?

Email us with your query.

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Reprinting from Comment

How do I get permission to reprint an article from Comment?

Find details in the Comment author guide, then email us.

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General Questions

What are you doing? Why does Comment exist?

Comment magazine serves Christian leaders and culture makers with rooted, fresh ideas for the faithful practice of North American public life. Leaning on 2000 years of Christian thought, we seek a renewed social architecture—"not new wine into old wine-skins, but old wine in new wineskins for festive drinking" (Calvin Seerveld, "Footprints in the Snow").

We're not here just to celebrate and affirm that it's good for Christians to engage culture. We want to now ask the hard questions—to resource those who are on board with the project and are now looking for wisdom about how to actually do this. Think of Comment as the magazine where we not only encourage you to see your work as pursuing God's shalom; we also dig deep to consider just what shalom looks like in economics and education, for cities and civil society.

To get a sense of our vision and focus, see the recent "manifesto" from our editor, "Meet Comment Again for the First Time."

How are you accomplishing this mission?

Comment works to:

We publish feature essays, reviews and opinions, a daily blog, and feature some of our best material in a quarterly print edition. (You really should subscribe.)

Who publishes Comment?

Comment is the first principles journal of Cardus, a non-profit public policy think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Cardus focuses on the long-term concerns of society, working to enrich and challenge public debate through research, events, and publications, for the common good.

What does 'Cardus' mean?

The Cardus was an ancient north-south road that connected the people of Roman cities to their major public spaces. On the Cardus or Cardo Maximus governments, markets, temples, and more lived and worked to build a common life for the good of the city.

How long has Comment been around?

Cardus was incorporated under the former name "Foundation for Research and Education in Developing a Christian Approach to Industrial Relations and Economics" (really!) in September, 1974. Comment was published as a 8.5x11 newsletter starting in January, 1983, under the editorial direction of Harry Antonides. After a brief hiatus in the early 2000s, Comment re-emerged in its current form (perfect bound book, and very regular online content) in August 2005.

Will Comment publish my advertisement?

Comment does not actively solicit advertising, but is receptive to specific requests from reputable organizations. Email us.

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Contact Comment

Write to Comment at
Comment Magazine
185 Young Street
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 1V9

Or phone us:
(905) 528-8866 local, or (888) 339-8866 long distance in Canada only.

But we truly prefer email:
Customer Service:
Publisher: Ray Pennings (
Editor: James K.A. Smith (
Senior Editor: Brian Dijkema (
Dan Postma, Managing Editor (
Doug Sikkema, Editorial Assistant (
Jeff Reimer, Copyeditor (

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