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Fall 2009

Making the most of college (fourth annual)

As my colleagues and I put together this fourth annual Making the Most of College issue of Comment, I was vividly aware that we are addressing it, for the first time, also to my own children, and their friends. And so I dedicate this issue to them, and begin it with a prayer for blessing over students in 2009-2010.

Jim Cotter writes his paraphrase—or "unfolding," as he prefers to call it—of Psalm 136 "in solidarity with research scientists; and with those who help others handle change and resolve conflicts; and in gratitude for a marvellous universe..."

This is a prayer of "holding in the presence of God" the teachers and students, administrators and coaches, chaplains and campus ministers, boards and staff of the academic institutions of Canada and America—and in particular those of you who are part of the Comment community of writers and readers, artists and editors, funders and publishers, partners and mentors.

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