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Fall 2011 | Volume 29, Issue 2

The good society

Peace, as St. Augustine says, is more than simply the absence of war. It is the tranquility of order—when all of the spheres of society function in such a way as to create wonderful music. This is a radical, prophetic notion: To speak of peace in a world plagued by restlessness and extreme social disorder is to canoe against the current of reality.

"The good society." To dare to speak this way is to hope. It presumes that there is an order for our families, schools, governments, magazines, poets, employers, even our protestors to harken back to.

Yes, there is. We hope this, the first biannual double issue of Comment, helps you see the deep love of Christ present everywhere in that complex soup of institutions, individuals, and culture that we call society. And we hope it assists you in your work toward the common good, and in waiting patiently for the Creator.

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