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Summer 2014 | Volume 32, Issue 2

The Other Side of the City

There are all kinds of good reasons to embrace the city—as strategic placement for evangelism and urban mission, perhaps, or as centres of cultural influence to which hipsters flock.

But "the city" can be mythologized, too—crime, foreclosures, brokenness.

This issue of Comment invites you to consider the renewal of North America's urban social architecture—to see the city from the other side, in a couple of senses. First, the voices in this issue press us to look beyond the glitz and gleam of the city and ask sobering, uncomfortable, necessary questions about sides of the city we don't always consider. And second, this issue illuminates the unseen side of the city, the social infrastructure that undergirds it—human cultural creations, born of necessity and desire, as critical as sewers, sanitation, and master plans.

12 Articles In this Issue
Chicago by Carl Sandburg
The Other Side of the City by James K.A. Smith
World View by James K.A. Smith
The Skyscraper Problem by David Greusel
The Other Side of the Story by Mark Mulder
The City is Complex: Lessons from The Wire by Milton Friesen
Building Cairns in the City by Sara Joy Proppe
Social Cities Photo Contest Winners    

Social Cities Photo Contest Winners

  This content is licensed only in this print issue, not for online distribution.

We asked you for original photos that show renewal, vibrancy, and thiving in your neighbourhood. We had an inpouring of beautiful and thoughtful photography. Check out the iPad edition of this issue for the top 10 photos from the contest in full size and colour. Click here for more information, including the judging panel.

The Urban Turn by Timothy Keller
The Magic of Mayors? by Noah Toly
Converging Trends in the City by Michael Van Pelt

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