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Spring 2007 | Volume 25, Issue 1

Things we love

For this reason it is worthwhile to reflect on the things we love: as we consider our loves, we come to know ourselves. It is out of our loves, our commitments, that our identity, our character, grows. It is out of loves, our commitments, that our beliefs, our convictions grow. It is in shared loves, shared commitments, that we discover our truest friends and most enduring communities.

As our authors in this issue of Comment consider certain parts of their lives—the cities in which they live, the spheres of life in which they work—and the things they love in those parts, we hope that you will be drawn to consider the things you love, and that as you think about these things you will join us in asking the big questions about love and our selves. What is love? What do we love? What do our loves make of us? We also hope—and here I wax Augustinian—that as we consider the things we do love, that we will become more deeply aware of the things that we ought to love.

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