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Summer 2006

Reading the Bible

In this issue of Comment, we offer two series: Reading the Bible and Neocalvinism… yes, no, maybe? In the first, we are concerned with reading the Bible in a particular way: with fresh eyes, with a view to its public implications, with sensitivity to the Spirit, reading the Bible "personally," and allowing it to shape and form a worldview. In the second series, on neocalvinism, we hear from two "yes’s" (one with a qualification), two "maybe’s" (one from inside the tradition and another from outside), and a spirited and antithetical "no." The second series culminates in Al Wolters’s "Neocalvinism… for Christian renewal: A comprehensive, 'insider' response," a reply to the print symposium "What is to be done… toward a neocalvinist agenda" (December 2005) and to this series.

We hope that you, too, find at least a spark—if not a lightning bolt—and some insight—if not a revelation, and your place in the grand narrative of redemption as it unfolds.

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