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Building business

December 2006

Comment Magazine - Building business


A question of significance

By Gideon Strauss

It's time to get past the stigmas of "business".


Why architecture matters

By David Greusel

Churchill was right: we shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us. And many of us, disinterested in architectural style wars as we may be, may soon fully understand the consequences of being raised in neighbourhoods without character, without particularity, without the sacred quality of place. The same philosophies that shape our literature, music, and the rest of our contemporary culture also underpin our architecture. And like the rest of culture, the stewardship of excellent architecture must be reclaimed for Christ.


Navigating the college transition

By Derek Melleby with Susan Den Herder

Mansion or mission... a serious "why am I here?" question for young adults eyeing the confusing life of higher education. And it only begs even more questions: "Who am I? What do I believe? With whom will I surround myself?"


Pete Steen—legend or legacy?

By Byron Borger

In his day, Pete Steen's battle-cry was "Life is Religion." Now, of course, we're much cleaner, clearer, more precise, with slogans like "creation-fall-redemption" illustrating Christ's redemption of all things. But let's not forget—or let's meet in these pages—an academic Johnny Appleseed who was a serious life-saver, controversial and feisty and... pioneering: Pete Steen, a twentieth century neocalvinist prophet.

Getting engaged (or not)

By David T. Koyzis and Brian Janaszek

Institutions like family, business, government, church, law . . . Christian political theorist Jacques Ellul argues that all of these are stop-gap measures made necessary only after the fall into sin.

A dialogue on the Christian's redemptive role.


Building the Future: advice for tomorrow's Christian business leaders

As part of Comment's ongoing mission to build Christian leaders, we approached Christian business and management faculty on campuses across North America, and asked for the best advice they could give their students and proteges.


Building a business, starting with the beans

By Bethany Warren

Bethany Warren and her husband aren't just building a coffee shop . . . they're creating an emporium of community—"a connecting-place". In an old house-turned-shop on a small town's main drag, they are projecting—from their complex business plans right down to their simple cups of joe—a business of dignity, and a service that hints of its Inspiration. Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company opens soon in southwestern Pennsylvania, but Bethany and Russ have a story that matters far beyond.


Managing beyond our time

By Jonathan Wellum

"We have too much to live with and too little to live for," writes Os Guinness. And it's true that more and more, leaders in business and in broader culture have no end beyond their own satisfaction, their own short-term gain at long-term expense. The next generation of Christian cultural leaders needs to look beyond today's circumstances, and learn stewardship for tomorrow.


Managers as mentors

By Walter C. Wright Jr.

Someone once said, "Seek fruit that lasts" by seeking fruit in the lives of people. Seeking fruit in others by mentoring may bear fruit elsewhere . . .


Wanted: business beginners with depth

By Wesley Balda and Janis Balda

A liberal arts background may be preferable to MBAs among employers looking for management track hires. Here's why . . .


Living with Islamism

By Paul Marshall

The Modernist West generally fails to look back—only forward, to "progress"—and, consequently, finds perspectives conditioned by a historical narrative to be almost incomprehensible. The Islamism of Osama bin Laden & Co. is conditioned and programmed by such an historical narrative. Paul Marshall calls on Christians to understand the Islamist narrative, and to adopt a Christian response.

This Issue

This issue of Comment contains advice to students who plan to make a life in the world of business—including, but not limited to college business majors and MBA students. In addition to the valuable advice offered by our authors, I want to suggest that future business people read widely and think hard about the three questions I’ve asked, and engage in serious conversations with mentors and friends in an effort to come to the kind of answers that will help guide a lifetime of good stewardship and leadership in the marketplace.

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