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Summer 2015 | Volume 33, Issue 2


Everyone is talking about Robert Putnam's Our Kids or Charles Murray's Coming Apart or pretending they've read Thomas Piketty's Capital. We are finally having a public conversation about how law, policy, and power have stratified society, where influential elites are increasingly sequestered from the realities of the world they are (re)making.

But let's not be simplistic, naïve, or self-congratulatory.

Many who decry inequality in one sphere relish its benefits in another sphere. In fact, some "inequalities" are synonymous with the good and necessary differences that are woven into a diversified creation.

This issue of Comment zooms in with a more granular understanding of the sources and causes of unjust inequalities, and makes a bold claim: There can be just inequalities, and with them often comes an unequal responsibility for the health of society.

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