Dayna Slusar


Dayna Slusar worked for Cardus as an intern while attending the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Fall 2017. She is studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communication at Trinity Western University. In her previous academic year, Dayna was the Media Manager and Web Editor for TWU’s student newspaper Mars’ Hill, where she enjoyed reaching the student body through social media channels, promoting campus events, and hosting online contests. With diverse experience in event planning, journalism, social media strategy, and creative writing, Dayna put her skills to use as a part of the Cardus team. Back home in Langley, British Columbia, Dayna enjoys serving in her church with the youth and children’s ministry as a volunteer Sunday school teacher and youth leader. When she’s not reading narrative non-fiction novels, drafting a blog post, or spending time with her family, Dayna can be found sitting in a coffee shop, drinking a tea latte, taking notes on her surroundings in her journal.

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