Anna-Liza Kozma


Anna-Liza Kozma attended Cecil John Rhodes School in Rhodesia and Highworth School for Girls in England. She started making tea on a local newspaper in Kent when she was 19 and has cunningly stayed employed in journalism ever since.

Editors have sent her to places as far away as Jerusalem and the Canadian Arctic but she always manages to return.

She trained as a journalist at the BBC and has worked as a staff producer at CBC Radio for more than twenty years. Her writing has appeared in books, journals and newspapers in Canada, England and the US.

One of her favourite stories was about an English vicar who taught himself to swallow fire so he could light the high altar candles at Pentecost by opening his mouth.

She holds a BA Honours from the Polytechnic of Central London in Journalism and Media Studies and an MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto.

She currently lurks as a producer of CBC Radio's national live current affairs phone-in discussion program, Cross Country Checkup.

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