Alisha Ruiss


Alisha Ruiss (B. Music, McGill) is a performing artist whose work has run the gamut from operetta to early jazz and musical theatre. Most recently Alisha received outstanding reviews for her performance in Cabaret (Sally Bowles), and Jacques Brel is Alive & Well & Living in Paris. She sang in Le Festival de Jazz de Québec and in 2013 was accepted to the acting summer intensive at the Neighborhood Playhouse (NYC).

Alisha currently lives in Montreal, and works as a nanny and waitress to support her artistic pursuits. She loves chocolate and cheese (two proofs of God that Aquinas neglected), swing dancing, and apologetics. She might like long walks on the beach if she lived near one, had enough sunscreen and was positive that it wasn't cliché. Her overall aim is to be a "custodian of Beauty", in the faith that it will save the world.

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