Angelo Taibi


When painting or doing any piece of artwork, I'm after obtaining a part of God's heart and will and loosing it. This is the same dynamic that exists in intercession. I've learned this can take place even if the subject matter becomes a piece of machinery. My work spans from abstract to more literal images and degrees in-between.

Realizing that artwork is a vehicle for release and not the substance, I understand it has the ability to address things in the spirit realm and also in individual's lives. My work has always had this capability even before I knew the Lord. I say this understanding that every artist, no matter what the discipline or medium they utilize, has this inherent quality. This is why the different art forms have the potential to shape a culture for good or evil. Being aware of what we as artists are capable of helps us comprehend the God-given deposits that are in us and what they're for.

I share these capsulized thoughts in hopes that it will help some to interpret aspects of one's wrestlings as well as the intimate times of communion one can have with the Lord. These are the elements, though not always pleasant, that have brought growth and life in myself and my work.

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