Brent Fearon


Brent Fearon serves as the Senior Program Officer at Bridgeway Foundation and Executive Director of Legacy Foundation of Canada, both based in Cambridge, Ontario and providing support for charities working nationally and internationally. In these grant facilitation roles, Brent works to find the best fit between donors and charities—ensuring that limited resources are well-placed within a seemingly unlimited array of worthy charitable work. His work aims to foster an environment of partnership—bringing together the goals of Foundations and charities to create opportunities for mutual growth and learning.

Earning a BA in Political Science (Carleton) and Master's degrees in both Theology (Regent College) and Business Administration (Simon Fraser University), Brent is passionate about seeing Canadian non-profits grow in efficiency and effectiveness. Notwithstanding the above, his love for spreadsheets and documentaries is a source of mockery from his colleagues.

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