Cristina Alarcon


Cristina Alarcon was born in Madrid, Spain, and was raised in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. She received her bachelor's degree in pharmacy in 1990 from the University of Montreal, and has practiced in a wide variety of settings including Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Her link to Pharmacists for Life dates back to her university days. She has written many letters to the editor of pharmacy journals in defense of the dignity of the human being from its moment of conception, and has spoken out in the media about the importance of Conscience legislation for healthcare professionals in Canada. She has spoken at various conferences in Canada, participated on various panels, spoken in schools, and on radio and television talk shows. As head of BC Pharmacists for Conscience in 2000 she began to challenge the current Code of Ethics of her professional association, which mandates that pharmacists be prepared to violate their conscience if they have moral objections to providing a service, so long as no one else is available to do so. Together with a steadily growing number of supporters, she will continue to present a resolution to the College of Pharmacists of BC until something gets done. She is currently front-store manager of a small drug store in Vancouver where she works fulltime at what she loves most. She has a special interest in Women's health issues.

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