Caleb Heerema


Caleb Heerema graduated this year from Redeemer University College pre-med program with a B.S., honours in biology with the goal of getting into medical school to learn surgical practice. While having a heavy work load at Redeemer, Caleb was able to volunteer with student lead groups at a street youth and young adult center called The Living Rock and have meaningful conversations over hot chocolate with the marginalized people of Hamilton's downtown core through a program called DEEDZ. Caleb also volunteered at St. Joseph's Health Care Center in the diagnostic imaging unit amongst others and participated in three separate learning service trips to Mexico, Hamilton, and Philadelphia. While on campus Caleb was a housing advisor and later worked as a minor official at varsity home games, an exam hall monitor, as well as tutoring 100-200 level chemistry and physics.

Caleb's senior thesis (independent research study) discovered the likely biological origin of rhodestolin, an important chemical factor in the reproduction of Rhodnius prolixus, the largest insect vector of Chagas disease. His findings contribute to the population control of the insect, reducing the transmission of the disease.

Caleb is very involved in sports. While at Redeemer, Caleb played and varsity indoor and outdoor soccer, cross country, and club hockey teams as well as participating in intramural sports. Caleb enjoys triathlons and recently qualified for the World's Toughest Mudder competition. During the summer months Caleb has been a faithful coach and ref in his community youth soccer league. For work during the summer, Caleb works on a pollinating farm in Alberta during June and July and for a small contractor building custom homes. Caleb has used his construction experience to volunteer building a Christian school in his hometown. Last summer Caleb was also able to procure a shadowing placement with a surgeon in a town nearby.

Caleb grew up on a farm near Kakabeka, Northwestern Ontario, and enjoys the country and farm life. Caleb plays the drums and has participated in his community orchestra; he also likes singing and sings with a group at the Emo Hospital on Sunday afternoons. He was part of his community choir for several years. Caleb is interested in traveling, and dreams of visiting Greece, New Zealand, and Australia.

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