Dave Evans


Dave Evans is a 30-plus year veteran executive of Silicon Valley who offers a range of professional services to rapidly growing companies and personal mentoring to individuals. Since 1990, Dave has been assisting high-tech clients in strategic planning, sales and marketing, new business development, mergers and alliances, growth management, and executive development. Dave's client list has focused on early stage start-ups but also includes Fortune companies including such leaders as Veritas/Symantec, HP, Intel, and AT&T. (He's also negotiated fishing rights for the Inuit in Alaska—but that's a whole 'nuther story). Prior to consulting, Dave was VP and Co-Founder of software publisher Electronic Arts, led the introduction of the mouse and laser printing at Apple, and has held senior marketing positions with IBM/ROLM Corporation and voicemail inventor and manufacturer VMX (now Avaya).

Since his college days, Dave has had an abiding, faith-nourished commitment to living and helping others live a coherent life—thoroughly integrating soul and role, especially in the realm of vocation. This passion has taken Dave to lots of interesting places, like the first corporate culture committee at Apple, the co-deanship of a national young professionals conference on "Marketplace Ministry," and San Francisco Theological Seminary for graduate studies in Christian spirituality.

Mr. Evans holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Thermosciences from Stanford University. He is a lecturer in the Stanford Product Design Program, mentors off and on with Stanford Graduate Students in Law and Business, and taught the undergraduate course on Finding Your Vocation at UC Berkeley for 8 years.

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