Iain Benson


Iain Benson is Senior Associate Counsel with Miller Thomson LLP, and former executive director of the Centre for Cultural Renewal.

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Centre Article: Draft of the South African Charter of Religious Rights
Mar 20, 2008
Centre Article: Church Rules and the Separation of Church and State
Mar 14, 2008
Centre Article: Religious Inter-faith Co-operation: A Lesson From South Africa
Mar 3, 2008
Centre Article: Do Civil Liberties in Canada Pose a Threat to Religions?
Jan 25, 2008
Centre Article: Human Rights, The Prophet Cartoons and the Case of Ezra Levant
Jan 16, 2008
Centre Article: Canada Going Very Wrong on Religious Accommodation
Jan 10, 2008
The Need to Re-Evaluate the Language of the Secular and Secularism in The Quest for Fair Treatment of Minorities and Belief in Quebec and Canada Today
Dec 18, 2007
Centre Article: A.C. Grayling: Another Contemporary Author Who Attacks Religion On False & Contradictory Grounds
Nov 9, 2007
Centre Article: The "Position of the State": Does the State have ONE view?
Oct 30, 2007
Centre Article: Public Education is Faith-based Education
Oct 12, 2007
Centre Article: Is There Suppression of Discussion about Islam and the Funding of International Terrorism?
Sep 14, 2007
Centre Article: Alasdair MacIntyre and the University: The Need to "Teach the Controversies"
Aug 14, 2007
Centre Article: Debates about Religious Symbols and Beliefs in Public Schools
Jun 28, 2007
Centre Article: The New Anti-God Evangelists: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens
Jun 22, 2007
Centre Article: Once More into the Breach: Court Challenges in a Language Setting
Jun 15, 2007
Centre Article: Why Science Has No Competence to Speak about Philosophy and Theology of Things
Mar 30, 2007
Centre Article: What Happened to "Abominable?" An "Aha Moment" from C.S. Lewis
Mar 26, 2007
Centre Article: Charles Taylor Wins the Templeton Prize: A Well Deserved Honour
Mar 16, 2007
Centre Article: On Hijabs and Soccer: Using one rule to avoid others
Mar 15, 2007
Centre Article: Physicians and Marriage Commissioners: Accommodation of Differing Beliefs
Mar 2, 2007
Centre Article: Persons or Individuals?: Swiss Court Adopts Radical Autonomy for Euthanasia
Feb 5, 2007
Centre Article: Church Exemptions from Law? Same-sex Adoption and BBC Spin
Jan 26, 2007
Centre Article: Peter Singer's "A Dubious Distinction": A Response by Alex Schadenberg
Jan 25, 2007
Centre Article: The Judicial Enlargement of the Family: The Ontario Three Parents' Decision
Jan 5, 2007
The Jurisdiction of Science: What the Evolution/Creation Debate is Not About
Jan 1, 2007
Centre Article: University Free Speech, Ivory Towers and the New Sectarianism
Dec 4, 2006
Centre Article: When Shrimps Learn to Whistle: Elton John as Cultural Philosopher
Nov 15, 2006
To Encourage Civil Dialogue: A Principled Analysis for Governmental Support of Constitutional Development in Canada
Nov 6, 2006
Centre Article: Islam and the Pope: God and Rationality
Sep 26, 2006
Centre Article: The Use of Religious Concepts in a Post-religious Age: Canada's Continuing Edwardianism
Sep 25, 2006
Centre Article: Why the Court Challenges Program Should Be Abolished as Being Wrong in Principle
Sep 15, 2006
Centre Article: Atheism and the Roots of Evil (Part 1): The Nobel Prize Physicist
Sep 8, 2006
Centre Article: The Sex Trap: Why Sex-Based Initiatives Are Not Just
Jun 28, 2006
Centre Article: Joffe Bill and Palliative Care in Islamic Countries
May 5, 2006
Centre Article: Nigeria Breaches the Human Rights of Those Who Support Same-sex Marriage
Apr 13, 2006
Centre Article: Distribution of Holy Books in Public Schools: Gideon's Shine a Light
Apr 4, 2006
Centre Article: Like Ripples on a Pond: On the Life of a Much Loved Friend
Mar 26, 2006
Centre Article: The Meaning of "Conservative" and the Confusion of "Left" and "Right"
Mar 22, 2006
Centre Article: Theocracies in America: What Needs to be Learned to Preserve Ordered Liberty
Mar 21, 2006
Centre Article: Spina Bifida as a Death Sentence: Holland Ushers in New Horrors
Mar 7, 2006
Centre Article: Charities and Election Statements: What Kind of Open Society is Canada?
Jan 16, 2006
Centre Article: European Experts, the Slovak Republic, the Holy See and Medical/Educational Ethics
Jan 10, 2006
Centre Article: Democracy and the Montreal Swinger's Club Case
Jan 4, 2006
Centre Article: Law and the Interpretation of Unwritten Principles: It is Not Comprehensive
Dec 8, 2005
Centre Article: South Africa's Marriage Law Decision and Further Extension of the Law
Dec 5, 2005
Centre Article: Chesterton on France: Further Reflections on Burning Cars in Europe's Most Civilized Country
Nov 28, 2005
Centre Article: A Year Later and Another "Weather" Report from France
Nov 16, 2005
Centre Article: Does "Faith" Make a Difference in Media and Politics? ... Beyond Headcounts
Oct 28, 2005
Centre Article: Life, Death and the Meaning of Dignity in Relation to Assisted Suicide
Sep 23, 2005
Centre Article: The Rise of "Psethics": "Frozen" vs. "Fresh" Embryos and Bankruptcy in Medical Ethics
Sep 20, 2005
Centre Article: Which is the Best Country in the World in Which to Live?
Sep 14, 2005
Centre Article: Yet More Pharmacists Who Don't Understand Ethics: This Time Ontario
Sep 9, 2005
Centre Article: An Unforgettable Experience: Two Films by Godfrey Reggio
Aug 30, 2005
Centre Article: The Theocratic Temptation in Religion and Law: The Pat Robertson Problem
Aug 26, 2005
Centre Article: "Wandering Between Two Worlds": Practical Suggestions Following the Same-sex Marriage Change
Jul 23, 2005
Centre Article: Why Conscience and Religion have to Be Held Together
Jul 22, 2005
Centre Article: Before the Senate Standing Committee on Bill C-38 (Same-sex Marriage)
Jul 20, 2005
Centre Article: London Terrorist Bombings and a Muslim Response
Jul 8, 2005
Centre Article: Summer Reading and the Work of James V. Schall: Another Sort of Learning
Jul 6, 2005
Centre Article: The Reading Down of Conscience Protection: Pharmacists and "One Size Fits All" Ethics
Jul 2, 2005
Centre Article: Bob Brow's Model Theology - The Importance of Clarifying Terms
Jun 27, 2005
Centre Article: Inter-faith Sculpture Day in the City Park
Jun 27, 2005
Centre Article: Dignity and Difference: Presenting Before the Committee on the Same-sex Marriage Bill
Jun 22, 2005
Centre Article: The Bishop, the Taxman and the Separation of Church and State
Jun 21, 2005
Centre Article: Almost Meeting Terry Teachout
Jun 20, 2005
Centre Article: Same-sex Marriage and Tax Status Threats
Jun 19, 2005
Centre Article: CCCB Points out Canada's Non-Liberal Direction in Relation to Marriage: Is Anybody Listening?
Jun 7, 2005
Centre Article: "Ultimate Fighting" and Ancient Rome: Gladiatorial Entertainment
May 31, 2005
Centre Article: Christian Activists Get Party Nominations: Woo, Scary
May 27, 2005
Centre Article: Two Views of the Georgia Straight's Article on the Centre/SFU Conference
May 26, 2005
Centre Article: Religion and Evolution: Understanding Jurisdiction
May 11, 2005
Centre Article: Henry Morgentaler: an Honorary Doctorate?
May 11, 2005
Centre Article: Large Families and Natural Selection
Apr 22, 2005
Centre Article: Choosing a New Pope
Apr 19, 2005
Centre Article: Why Courts Should not be Limiting "Sacred Spaces"
Apr 15, 2005
Centre Article: Why the Church Should not Necessarily (or at all) "Change with the Times"
Apr 13, 2005
Centre Article: Some Thoughts on The Nature of Religion
Apr 5, 2005
Centre Article: Pope John Paul II the Great
Apr 2, 2005
Centre Article: Premier Ralph Klein, the Human Rights Commissioner, and Bishop Henry of Calgary
Mar 31, 2005
Centre Article: Why the State Should not be in the Marriage Corruption Business
Mar 29, 2005
Centre Article: Fears About Sharia Law Arbitration in Canada
Mar 10, 2005
Centre Article: Canada: Love it or Leave it! Law, Dialogue and Section 33
Feb 22, 2005
Centre Article: Separation of Church and State Includes Cooperation
Feb 22, 2005
Centre Article: The Continuing Significance of Ash Wednesday
Feb 9, 2005
Centre Article: Section 33 Dangerous to Charter? Letter to the Editor, National Post
Feb 3, 2005
Centre Article: Charter Section 33 and the Law Professors
Feb 2, 2005
Centre Article: Spring and Assisted Suicide
Jan 28, 2005
Centre Article: Why Some People Just Don't Get the Brockie Decision
Jan 26, 2005
Centre Article: New Year's Resolutions, Free Will and Tsunami Waves
Jan 12, 2005
Centre Article: Centre Response to Supreme Court Marriage Reference Decision
Dec 9, 2004
Centre Article: How the Marriage Challenge Developed
Dec 8, 2004
Centre Article: Euthanasia of Children: "Compassion" Dutch Style
Dec 3, 2004
Centre Article: Why Atheistic Humanists Ought Not, Logicallly, to Worry About the Destruction of the World
Dec 1, 2004
Centre Article: Women's Rights, Muslim Veils and the Logic of "Choice"
Nov 29, 2004
Centre Article: Strange Death-fellows and the Question of Fame: Lewis, Huxley and Kennedy
Nov 23, 2004
Centre Article: Opposing Religion to Human Rights: "Gay-Ed" Videos
Nov 19, 2004
Centre Article: Atheism in Decline: The Major Players in the New World (Dis)Order
Oct 26, 2004
Centre Article: Buttiglione Affair: "Homophobia", "Heterosexism", Deep Intolerance and Threats to Religions
Oct 22, 2004
Centre Article: Waiting for the Storm: First Muslim Exclusions from School
Oct 22, 2004
Presidential Debates: Fear the Man Who Honours "Feelings" But Trashes Logic
Oct 19, 2004
Centre Article: New Corporate Ethics: The Royal Bank and the Rainbow
Oct 15, 2004
Centre Article: The New Judicial Appointments: "They. Are. Zealots."
Oct 6, 2004
Centre Article: Why the Angels are in the Details: Food, Wine, Music, the Gargas Caves and Everything
Sep 10, 2004
Centre Article: Once More on the Pseudo Olympics
Sep 1, 2004
Centre Article: Change the Olympics Now or Start Up the Campaign for Real Olympics
Aug 20, 2004
Centre Article: Engaging Culture about Marriage: Governance and Law without Morality or Philosophy
Jul 30, 2004
Centre Article: The Ethics of "Choice" Thirty Years On: The Microcosm of "Regime Change"
Jul 28, 2004
Centre Article: National Post Article Endorses Centre's Argument on Civil Unions
Jul 27, 2004
Centre Article: "Civil Unions" or "Same-Sex Civil Marriages": Get the State Out of Marriage
Jul 23, 2004
Centre Article: New Bible Translations, Humour and the Tyranny of the New
Jul 21, 2004
Centre Article: The Benefits of a Minority Government
Jun 30, 2004
Centre Article: Reflections on the Leadership Debate: Section 33 is IN the Charter and NOT "Anti-Charter"
Jun 19, 2004
Centre Article: Why "Canadian Values" are Meaningless and We Should Beware of Those Who Use the Term
Jun 19, 2004
Centre Article: Senator Anne Cools Changes Parties
Jun 12, 2004
Centre Article: The Conduct of Soldiers and the Morals of Societies
May 28, 2004
Centre Article: Legal Cost Awards Against Individuals: A Chill to Defending Rights
May 18, 2004
Centre Article: The Dalai Lama in Vancouver and the Problem of "Secular Ethics"
May 10, 2004
Centre Article: Restricting Parent's Home Teaching of Religion to Their Children: How Democratic
Apr 16, 2004
Centre Article: Consensus With a Vengeance: More Judicial Language Abuse
Apr 12, 2004
Centre Article: Why the "Hate Crimes" Section of the Criminal Code Should be Abolished
Apr 7, 2004
Centre Article: The Freedom of Conscience in "Health" Care
Mar 19, 2004
Centre Article: Mel Gibson's Passion and the Critics
Mar 9, 2004
Centre Article: Indoctrination, Education and New Sexual Beliefs: Can We Learn to Accommodate Diversity?
Mar 2, 2004
Centre Article: What to Do When Two Allowable Views are Irreconcilable?
Feb 27, 2004
Centre Article: Constitutional Questions: The Charter Section 33 Going Both Ways
Feb 25, 2004
Centre Article: On (not) Meeting With Conrad Black and Other Tycoons
Feb 20, 2004
Centre Article: Three Cheers for the Catholics and EFC: Calling to Amend the Ontario Human Rights Code
Feb 20, 2004
Centre Article: "Beyond Tolerance", "Transformative Change" and Queer Studies in Education
Feb 20, 2004
Centre Article: First Things and the Reading of Second Rate Things
Feb 19, 2004
Centre Article: French Lunicity Watch: Religious Symbols
Feb 18, 2004
Centre Article: Claude Ryan: Faithful Catholic in Canada's Public Life
Feb 12, 2004
Centre Article: Federal Government Arguments in the Marriage Cases: Strange and Changing Position(s)
Feb 2, 2004
Centre Article: Supreme Court and the Definition of Marriage; A Real Question
Jan 28, 2004
Centre Article: Marriage: The More the Merrier?
Jan 24, 2004
Centre Article: Belinda Stronach - Blank Slate: What Politics Requires
Jan 22, 2004
Centre Article: The Difference Between Tolerance and Welcome
Jan 21, 2004
Centre Article: Suppression, Elevation and Accommodation of Diverse Beliefs
Jan 9, 2004
Centre Article: Christian Legislators and Same-sex Marriage: Parliament's Janus Face
Dec 30, 2003
Centre Article: Secularism and the Deeper Questions of Religion and Society
Dec 30, 2003
Centre Article: Sikhs, Turbans and Anti-Religious Dress Codes
Dec 18, 2003
Centre Article: Sharia Law Arbitration in Canada
Dec 10, 2003