Ian Shugart


Ian Shugart is Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development as well as Chairperson of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission. Before these appointments, Shugart served as Deputy Minister for the Environment.

Mr. Shugart has held senior positions in the Health Portfolio, and internationally. Click here for a thorough list of these appointments and positions from the Government of Canada website (also listed below).

Mr. Shugart was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs on May 16, 2016. Prior to joining our department, from July 2010 to May 2016, Mr. Shugart was Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada and chairperson of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission. Before that, he served as Deputy Minister of the Environment, and Associate Deputy Minister of the Environment at Environment Canada, where he was heavily involved in international climate change negotiations.

Before joining Environment Canada, Mr. Shugart held several senior positions in the health portfolio in which he served as senior assistant deputy minister (ADM); ADM, Health Policy Branch; visiting ADM, Health Protection Branch; and executive director of the former Medical Research Council (now Canadian Institutes of Health Research).

While working at Health Canada, Mr. Shugart was also actively engaged at the international level, serving as Chair of the Global Health Security Action Group and of the Health Task Force of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and as a director on the executive board of the World Health Organization.

Prior to this, Mr. Shugart served as assistant secretary to the Cabinet for Social Policy and Programs in the Federal-Provincial Relations Office of the Privy Council Office. He spent several years on Parliament Hill in senior advisory roles to the Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, National Health and Welfare and to the leader of the opposition. He is a graduate in political economy from Trinity College at the University of Toronto.

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