Justina McCaffrey


Justina McCaffrey began ultimate destiny into the fashion world at the age of 18 when she ventured from her home in Winnipeg with drive and determination. She was a charter member and graduate of the Los Angeles based FIDM Manufacturing program. Consistently winning the American Entrepreneurial National and International DECA Awards, She worked at various financial institutions while studying at FIDM, as well as participating and following politics in the US and Canada. After graduating, she moved to Ottawa Canada, and honed her skills of creating couture wedding and evening gowns.

In 1996, Justina decided to share her vision locally by opening wedding dress boutiques in Ottawa and Toronto. Through her boutique built the reputation behind the Justina McCaffrey Haute Couture label by dressing the daughters of leaders of government and business for their wedding days, as well as creating a customer service model that was envied throughout the retail industry. Conde Nast Traveler describes the boutique atmosphere as "a riot of swirling white silk". Justina was one of the only designers to win Canada's prestigious Matinee Fashion Foundation award 6 years in row.

Through a corporate restructuring Justina no longer is involved in the retail component, however her vision is cherished through the collections she presents every season at New York Bridal Fashion week.. Truly hers is a success story with no provincial boundaries: what makes Justina McCaffrey's success so extraordinary is that her home market remains negligible in comparison to the over 90% that derives from bridal specialty stores across the USA, Japan, China, and the UK.

Justina's easing sensibility is singular and unique in that her designs speak to both the girl and the woman in each of her clients. In addition to creatively building dresses and a business empire, Justina has continually launched memorable catwalk fascinations with a high art symphonic blend of movement, silk and opera. She also directs short classical music films that support her vision of beauty and grace. Her interpretation of Beethoven's Ninth is described as a magical bit of cinematography (all ballet dancers are from the National Ballet of Canada) with a touch of Alice Through The Looking Glass and the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Recently she has created a following by writing about her experiences in the Huffington Post.

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