Joy Smith


Joy Smith was introduced to the world of Human Trafficking by witnessing the dramatic physical and emotional toll it exacted on her son, a police officer, who worked in the ICE-Unit (Integrated Child Exploitation Unit). This is a specialized police force trained in rescuing children from online child predators. Her son's courage and compassion as he fought to rescue children from predators, proved to Mrs. Smith that ordinary Canadians, like herself, can stand against Human Trafficking.

Mrs. Smith committed herself to the fight against Human Trafficking, working to raise awareness and rescue victims. She soon discovered a tragedy that parents of trafficking victims know all too well—Canada was considered a haven for predators. Setting out to change this, Mrs. Smith entered the political arena, and became a Member of Parliament in 2004. Since then she became the only Member of Parliament in Canadian history to have amended the Criminal Code twice as a Private Member, both times in order to better protect victims from Human Trafficking.

A mother of six, and former math and science teacher, Mrs. Smith was moved to action by personally meeting victims of Human Trafficking, and coming to understand that Human Traffickers prey on children from every demographic, community, and neighbourhood in Canada. Sustained by her faith, she continues to work with victims, advocates, and law enforcement through the Joy Smith Foundation by raising awareness and providing tangible support to organizations dedicated to ending Human Trafficking.

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