Janice Tolkamp


Throughout her life Janice Tolkamp has loved making things: paintings, toys, clothing, furniture, sculptures, stationary, drawings, etc. In high school she was able to further develop her skills in a variety of media. Another of her passions has been working with young children, which led her to pursue Early Childhood Education. While working in a daycare centre, she was given the opportunity to develop and implement an art program and to exhibit the children's work in two annual art shows. Janice has taken university studio art classes, worked as a nanny and, most recently, taught at a local children's art studio. She is always intrigued and inspired by being around art materials and imaginative, inquisitive minds.

Janice tries to take the time to develop her ideas and skills through her own art work, no matter how small. As part of the Worship Ministry Team at Willoughby CRC in Langley, she enjoys space to visually explore ideas related to sermon and church calendar themes.

Part of her spiritual journey in the last few years has been sensing a pull towards the visual arts and exploring how they relate to theology, justice, sustainability, hospitality, and the mission of the church. She views her nomination to Cardus U as an affirmation to search out God's purpose in these areas.

Janice recently attended the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Vancouver, an intense time of listening to raw truth-telling. As part of the Willoughby CRC community she helped host the traveling art exhibit of Ovide Bighetty: The Creator's Sacrifice. During that time she came to greatly admire and appreciate First Nations Christians working out the relationship between culture and theology. On a smaller level, she has been intentional about providing community and hospitality through a dinner club for those who might otherwise eat alone.

Her interest in history—family, art, and cultural—and languages is bringing Janice back again to France and the Netherlands for the summer of 2014; she also hopes to soak in some other cultures by staying in a few other European countries as well. Having lived on the west coast her entire life, she enjoys beautiful B.C. coasts, forests, and mountains on sunny—or at least dry—days. She loves walks, hikes, snowshoe excursions, and road trips.

Janice takes pride in making, altering, or fixing things herself: clothing, food, gifts, or household items.

She describes herself as a loyal, quiet, and observant person who likes to mull things over before forming opinions or making decisions. She prefers behind-the-scenes positions over starring roles, and small groups over large. In group discussions she can easily see the value of each differing view.

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