Larry Bourgeois


Larry Bourgeois is founder and Director of the Espresso Guild and Habitat for Community. He also works as a Director of Resources in Higher Education for the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO), where he is CCOs third place ministry advocate, and he has been involved starting coffeehouses and bookstore projects since his early college and graduate school years in the 1970s.

Larry earned undergraduate and graduate degrees studying theology and biblical studies at Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary, but decided early on that his calling was in creating gathering places where young adults could explore faith questions openly. Larry believes that effective young adult ministry requires using more untraditional places and spaces than are found in common institutional church settings. Quality coffeehouses conveniently located can provide essential hospitality and common ground where conversations of consequence can naturally/supernaturally regularly occur. While bookstores and music and art venues, film discussion groups, service learning opportunities can add necessary creativity and ideas and hands-on life experience and act as a catalyst for life and societal transformation.

Larry has been a "spiritual entrepreneur" all his life and worked in the coffee industry for more than 30 years. Through his coffee industry commercial connections, he provides the best equipment and service support to a growing number of coffeehouses that are doing marketplace ministry.

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