Marie Azzarello


Marie Azzarello, member of the Congregation of Notre Dame, works in educational ministry. This experience has enabled her to share life with countless numbers of people including sisters and associates of her congregation across Canada, the United States, Japan, Central America and Troyes, France.

She is presently a well-known adult educator in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Montreal. Luke’s gospel image of Mary, mother and first disciple of Jesus, in the Annunciation, the Visitation and Pentecost (Acts of the Apostles) inspire her life and have been the source of numerous retreats, workshops, and recent articles that present Mary as the archetype of Christian discipleship.

Marie is the author of Mary, The First Disciple, A Guide for Transforming Today’s Church and Mary and the Maternal Face of God, Reimagining Ourselves as Church.

Concern for peace, justice, and environmental issues find expression in her work. She is also an avid reader of theology and human development. Classical music and Yoga are key to relaxation.

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