Monique Sliedrecht


Monique Johanna Sliedrecht was born in Toronto, Ontario to Dutch parents who emmigrated in the mid-70s, eventually settling in St.Catharines where she grew up. She is currently living in Scotland, which has been her 'base' for 8 years now, having spent 2 years in Edinburgh at Leith School of Art to study painting, and a significant part of her time in the far north of the Scottish highlands at a place called Freswick—an inspiration for much of her work. Alongside painting and some installation and glass work, Monique is Director of Arts and Hospitality at Freswick Castle, which is connected to The Wayfarer
Trust, founded by the writer, Murray Watts.

Monique works mainly in acrylic and oil, but has enjoyed mixed media as well. The space and elemental nature of Caithness, in the far north of Scotland, is the deepest inspiration for the openness and expression in the paintings. This powerful context also influences the exploration of space and found-object relationships in installation projects. Both painting and installation are a wonderful combination of processes in learning to see and experience more fully our environment and our relationship to it.

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