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Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland is Senior Writer with Cardus, and publisher of Convivium.

Prior to joining Cardus, he was vice-president of English-language magazines for Readers' Digest Magazines Canada Ltd. He is a former editor-in-chief of The Gazette newspaper in Montreal, a former editorial page editor of the Calgary Herald newspaper and has worked as a journalist throughout Canada during his 30-year career in the media.

He currently runs his own communications company, Prima Communication, in Montreal where he lives with his wife, Linda. In addition to his journalism career, he is also a fiction writer who has published in numerous magazines across the country. His new collection of short stories, If Only, was published in November 2011 by Siren Song Press (


Sep 1, 2014
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Mar 1, 2011
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Oct 22, 2010

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Oct 27, 2011
Jun 15, 2009
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Oct 19, 2011

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Canadian (and Quebec) politics
Lay Catholicism in Canada
Literary Arts

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