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Ray Sawatsky

Ray Sawatsky

Based in British Columbia, Ray Sawatsky brings operational and fundraising expertise to Cardus. Ray is a relational thinker in the context of fundraising and is currently working on the generational trends in relation to philanthropy. Ray has served in a variety of non-profits as a Director of Operations, a Director of Fundraising, and a President, and has volunteered on numerous non-profit boards.

Ray's non-profit experience includes administrative and fundraising positions at the Centre for Cultural Renewal, Bulembu, The Hear Africa Foundation, and Cardus. In the context of church fundraising, Ray chaired the five million dollar capital campaign at SouthRidge Fellowship Baptist Church. Additionally, Ray has provided consulting support to a number of organizations.

Prior to his work in the non-profit sector Ray was a high school teacher of history and global education. Ray continues to have a passion for inspiring youth to participate as global citizens. To this end, Ray has created a course in Global Education and has written international development curriculum for high schools. Ray brings the strength of his education training and pedagogy to the development of Cardus materials.

Bio last modified October 29th, 2012.


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