Sam Andreades


Rev. Samuel Aziel Andreades is pastor of the Village Church (PCA) in New York City. After attending Yale University (B.S., Geology & Geophysics, 1984), and being awarded Yale's Hammer Award for his thesis on acoustical wave travel through granites, Sam pursued a number of different occupations, eventually settling in New York City as a street-musician. He began playing his songs on guitar and harmonica regularly in Greenwich Village restaurants and was soon drawn into the New York City underground: the subway. Underneath the Village Sam found a place to contemplate rebellion against the grid of societal norm.

Membership and ministry at New York?s Redeemer Presbyterian Church during the 1990s inspired Sam?s vision for how to effect real revolution of this age, through helping to build a worshiping community. Through a set of striking circumstances in 1998, full-time study became feasible for Sam at Reformed Theological Seminary (MDiv, 2001). His five-year preparation for vocational ministry tempered and hardened his goal to see a Christ-centered rebellion.

Sam lives with his wife Mary and four children in Greenwich Village, New York City.

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