Stephanie Schoenhoff


Stephanie Schoenhoff was a Researcher at Cardus 2015-2016. She is a recent graduate of Western University with an Honours Specialization in Media and the Public Interest. Throughout her undergraduate career in the Faculty of Information Media Studies, Stephanie focused on research at the intersection of human rights, Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs), and global political economy. Stephanie's passion for community engagement led her to serve on the Faculty of Information Media Studies Students' Council in various roles such as Vice President Academic and President.

Stephanie is a strong believer in the role of an open and vibrant free press for the protection of civil liberties and the democratic process. As a Communications Assistant at OpenMedia, she coauthored Canada's Privacy Plan: A Crowdsourced Agenda Tackling Canada's Privacy Deficit. During her time as a Research and Communications Assistant at Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, her publications focused on threats to freedom of expression both nationally and abroad.

Stephanie is a pie-baking, book-loving running enthusiast with an acute appetite for mid-century architecture and modern art. As a recovering homebody, Stephanie feeds her newfound love for adventure by crafting her master plan to run, cycle and canoe her way across all seven continents.

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