Theodore Prescott


Theodore Prescott began the art program at Messiah College in 1980. He was chair of the art and theater departments for 10 years, and held a Distinguished Professorship for the last 11 years, until he retired from teaching in May of 2009.

He was one of the founders of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA), and has served as both its President and editor of its newsletter. He writes frequently about art, and edited the book A Broken Beauty (Eerdmans, 2005).

As a sculptor, Prescott has often worked with Christian themes or symbols. He will be exhibiting his work at the Phillips Museum of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Penn. from Oct. 23rd to December 11th, 2009.

He is married to the portrait painter Catherine Prescott, and they have 2 daughters. He has had a long love affair with motorcycles, and currently rides a 1999 Triumph Thunderbird Sport.

Prescott's work can be seen at

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