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Canada's social and political landscape is often shaped by its courts. LexView was established by the Centre for Cultural Renewal in 1998 to provide a succinct and timely evaluation of those cases that shape Canadian policy on a variety of issues.

The purpose of LexView is to review cases that have important social, cultural, public policy, human rights and moral implications. Written by leading Canadian lawyers, LexView provides a timely analysis of court cases to legal practitioners and judges at all levels, as well as journalists, politicians and the interested public and provides a valuable insight into the implications of judicial decisions for public policy.

A further goal of LexView is to provide a clear analysis and critique of these important decisions of the courts in a manner that is accessible to a layman.

Editorial Board

Current: February 7, 2011

Kevin Boonstra
Kuhn & Company

John Carpay
Barrister and Solicitor

Geoffrey Cowper
Fasken Martineau

Philip Horgan
Horgan Law Office

Kevin Sawatsky
Kuhn & Company / Trinity Western University

Ray Sawatsky

Faye Sonier
EFC Centre for Faith and Public Life

Peter Stockland
Cardus Centre for Cultural Renewal


LexView is published online six times a year. Print copies are available for purchase by request. Please contact us for further information at




LexView is a publication of Cardus, ©1998-2010. All rights reserved.