Is Social Capital Measurement Still Relevant? (Past Event)

A Roundtable Policy Assessment

Date + Time

October 22, 2013

Quick Summary

Canadian policymakers have discussed the issue of social capital measurement to inform policy in the past. However, the last report on the issue was the 2005 Franke Report. 


At this roundtable we will discuss if we should resurrect this discussion at a public policy level, how to do that and what the next concrete steps to take should be. At Cardus, we are looking to gauge interest in a new report on social capital measurement for public policy, which would be an update on the 2005 Franke Report.

This roundtable, hosted by Milton Friesen, is by invitation only. Expressions of interest may be made by contacting Milton.

Key questions:

  • Introduction: What role has social capital played in Canadian public policy? What is the future of social capital for public policy?
  • Discussion 1: Social capital measurement tools and relevance for policy
  • Discussion 2: What is the nature of the cause-effect link between social capital and socio-economic outcomes?
  • Discussion 3: What are the merits of a 2014 Social Capital Measurement Report?

Date + Time

October 22, 2013


185 Young St
Hamilton, Ontario