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Leadership Lessons from Vimy Ridge: 2006

Date: November 11, 2006

Time: 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: Mewata Armoury

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April 9, 1917 — Canadian troops lead a critical Allied attack on a formidable German stronghold, capturing the hill and shattering the enemy line in spectacular fashion. Thoughtful and thorough strategy, courageous and well-trained soldiers, and the skillful leadership of heroes like General Sir Arthur Currie are directly credited for the success

Portraying General Sir Arthur Currie is Dr. John Pellowe, who teaches team-building and organizational effectiveness in this dramatic keynote presentation. John is passionate about developing and delivering leadership strategies to public audiences.

Join the Work Research Foundation and John Pellowe in the striking presentation Leadership Lessons from Vimy Ridge. John Pellowe briefs the audience on strategies to build their teams, enhance organizational effectiveness and inspire all management levels (executives, managers and supervisors) to achieve extraordinary results.

Master of Ceremonies: Ray Pennings

John Pellowe

Rev. John Pellowe is Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. He was ordained in 2007 by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

John has the following degrees:

B.B.A.   Bachelor of Business Administration. 1980. Wilfrid Laurier University.
M.B.A. Master of Business Administration. 1985. Wilfrid Laurier University.
M.Div. Master of Divinity (Biblical Studies). 2004. Tyndale Seminary.
D.Min. Doctor of Ministry (Christian Leadership). 2008. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

John began his career helping to create and build the Canadian Industrial Innovation Centre at the University of Waterloo. The Centre helped commercialize new technology.

He was a commercial banker for 10 years, first with Bank of Montreal and then Barclays Bank, holding a variety of positions in local branches and head office.

Wanting to have more impact on individual lives, John left the bank and for 9 years was a self-employed facilitator of leadership development.

In 2003, John joined the Canadian Council of Christian Charities as Chief Executive Officer. He also served as pastor of a small church, Erin Full Gospel Fellowship, from 2003 to 2005.