Renewing Canadian Public Policy: Can Subsidiarity Go the Distance? (Past Event)

Date + Time

September 30, 2013

Quick Summary

Public policy frameworks that retain their utility beyond partisan debates are important. As Canadian political values shift and change, we need to explore ways of thinking about civic life that stay intact despite the turbulence of politics. 


Continuity without undue constraint is as difficult as openness that has a purpose. Our work over the course of the roundtable discussion is to try and understand how well the ideas associated with subsidiarity maintain that inherent tendency.

This roundtable, hosted by Milton Friesen, is by invitation only. Expressions of interest may be made by contacting Milton.

Key questions:

  • What is subsidiarity? What role have these ideas played in Canada?
  • Discussion 1: How does subsidiarity play out across the political spectrum?
  • Discussion 2: Is subsidiarity upstream or downstream of culture? Does it rise and fall with political fortunes?
  • Discussion 3: How would subsidiarity impact various important policy domains? Are there examples or jurisdictions that we could learn from in answering these questions?

Date + Time

September 30, 2013


185 Young Street
Hamilton, Ontario