'Boring' budget positions Tories for 2015 election debate

The Catholic Register

The Catholic Register quotes Cardus in budget rundown:

"Overall this is a budget about jobs, economy, returning to surplus and setting the stage for the 2015 election campaign," said Ray Pennings, co-founder and vice president of Cardus, a think tank focused on the flourishing of Canada's "social architecture" or civil society institutions and groups such as churches, charities and labour unions. Pennings sees the budget, introduced Feb. 11, as "setting the stage for significant debate for what the task of government is vis-à-vis the middle class," noting the Conservatives see the middle class as "workers and consumers." The New Democrats focus on supporting the middle class, almost seeing them as dependent on government, he said, while the Liberals appeal to the middle-class aspirations, looking at how government can help middle-class families meet them.

Read the rest of the article here, and then check out Cardus's own full coverage of the budget, complete with analysis and on-the-scene video.

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