Brian Dijkema in Toronto Star: Solutions for public housing

Toronto Star

In light of the Mayor's Task Force on Toronto Community Housing's report released last week, Cardus Work and Economics' Brian Dijkema wrote about how the city might be able to stretch dollars to greater ends, as shown by research in the recently published brief, Tuning Up Ontario's Economic Engine.

So, what do you do when you need more, but don’t have enough? The tenants of TCHC know. You try to do more with less. You work hard to stretch every little bit of money as far as it can possibly go.
The Task Force, the TCHC, the Mayor’s office, and yes, the province, should learn from the TCHC’s tenants. In addition to asking for more, they should be searching the cupboards for ways to make the limited money they have go even further.

Part of the solution may be hiding in plain sight, says Dijkema. Cardus research indicates that open competition could lead to savings of 20 to 30 percent. Read the full article at the Toronto Star website.

Topics: Labour, Economics, Work