COVID-19 exit strategy

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We're hearing heart-wrenching stories of people passing away alone, without their families able to be near them amid the COVID-19 protection measures.

"The strategy that we've been using for dealing with COVID-19 has entirely been focused around the public sphere of dying ... Public health is important and no one wants to see death unnecessarily. 

"However, the purpose of living is not breathing, it's being alive. And you need to as you balance out your protection of unnecessary death, you need to look at the costs that are there and also look at the reason why you're doing it, and that is to enable life. 

"And certainly finding ways in which we don't die alone and have our dearest ones with us around our deathbed. To tell them I love you, to tell them that you're going to be okay, to comfort them and to squeeze them is certainly a pretty essential part of life. And I don't think we're weighing those factors adequately into our conversation." notes Ray Pennings, Executive Vice President of Cardus, as he joins the Danielle Smith Show.

Listen in as they dive into the difficult, but important discussion around the "side effects" of the measures Canada is taking to fight COVID-19.

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