Lifting The Veil On The Marriage Secret

C2C Journal

Whatever we might think of marriage and divorce, few of us would claim they are unimportant. The topic has occupied not only the hearts of billions but the minds of great thinkers through the ages. So why have the great thinkers at Canada’s top statistical agency – who spend their days ferreting out the most trivial of trends – closed their minds to the entire subject? Might the numbers point in some politically incorrect directions?

Cardus has made repeated requests for StatsCan to resume its old reports on marriage rates, including a petition last year signed by numerous high-profile economists, media personalities and other researchers. “We’ve had some good conversations,” Peter Jon Mitchell, acting program director of Cardus Family, says. But so far, no actual data.

To fill this gap, Cardus Family recently unveiled its own online data source, the Canadian Marriage Map.

Topics: Family, Marriage