Beth Green: Christian anthropology can change practice

July 1, 2015

Beth Green has been appointed the Canadian regional editor of the International Journal of Christianity and Education and has co-authored a paper with Trevor Cooling, Professor of Christian Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, on the findings of a research project into a Christian approach to teaching and learning.

This paper is based on research about how Christian school teachers wrestle with the connection between faith, having certain views of knowledge, and teaching their subjects. “How do teachers internalize Christian virtues and how they make that connection between faith and learning?” asks Beth. "Christian anthropology can change practice, but it’s a challenge."

Imagination does not mean here the creation of fiction or fantasy, it captures a very important concept—that as human beings our practice is always located in a shared meaning or context shaped by assumptions about the nature of reality. The What If Learning approach assumes that the imagination which shapes teaching and learning in a Christian school should be explicit and that teachers should be able to frame their teaching in order to affirm it.

To read more, check out the article here.

Topics: Education, Religion


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