Cardus to engage industry on trades careers

October 7, 2014

"Some of the cultural aspects around construction and how it's's kind of a second choice option," said Brian Dijkema, Program Director, Work and Economics at Cardus. "What we wanted to do was work with our partners to show that working in the construction trades is worthy of being considered a first choice option."

The project will include a series of Canada-wide roundtable discussions involving key players in the industry, government and education system. The first meeting will be held on Oct. 27 in Calgary, followed by a meeting in Vancouver on Oct. 29, Toronto on Nov. 6 and Ottawa on Nov. 20.

"At those roundtables...we are going to engage folks in the education sector on that file because one of the things that have come up is the difficulty communicating those opportunities," Dijkema added. "People are simply not aware of them. One of the outcomes we hope is greater awareness and an actual attempt to focus on guidance counsellors."

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