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Court should end Quebec's trampling of religious freedoms

Published in today's paper, "Editorial: Court should end Quebec's trampling of religious freedoms," a perspective on why the Loyola high school case is so important:

"If the Supreme Court rules in favour of the Quebec government's stance, it will legitimize the province's position that religion is a mere lifestyle choice and not a matter of deeply rooted personal identity, according to Peter Stockland, senior director of publications and media with Cardus, a Hamilton-based think-tank whose focus is on the intersection between faith and the common life of Canadians. Cardus is supporting Loyola in its fight, and two of its members, along with Loyola principal Paul Donovan, visited the Herald editorial board recently as part of a cross-Canada trip to raise awareness about the case."

Read the rest of this editorial here.

Linked to Cardus' Law research project.

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