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Cardus' 2008 Federal Budget Analysis: Government Backs Canadians' Taking Responsibility

OTTAWA - Ray Pennings of the Work Research Foundation expressed support, today, for the federal budget announcements that assist Canadians in caring for their families, to educate and train young people, and to initiate and invest in public infrastructure projects in partnership with government.

Download the 2008 Federal Budget Analysis here

Said Mr. Pennings, "The creation of Tax Free Savings accounts will assist families and seniors in looking after both regular cost-of-living demands as well as the unexpected. The support for students from low-income and middle-income households and for apprenticeship training will assist families who are primarily responsible for launching the next generation of Canadian workers, who will create the next generation of families. Calling on the know-how of entrepreneurs and investors in public infrastructure development gets at the challenge of restoring Canada's physical infrastructure, much of which was built 50 to 100 years ago."

The Work Research Foundation's analysis by Ray Pennings and Russ Kuykendall highlighted the budget's announcements where they make impact, in particular, on families, students, seniors, business and work force, trade and secure borders, environment, and charities. The analysis also includes "Budget ABCs" that describes Canada's budget process. The analysis proposes an independent board of budget forecasters to complement what is already in place in federal budget-making.

"The 'business' of the Work Research Foundation is building and enhancing Canada's 'social architecture,' Ray Pennings added. "The federal Budget 2008 moves in the right direction the Canadian conversation about what kind of country - including the built, social, and natural environment - we want to build and pass on."

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Linked to Cardus' Work and Economics research project.

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