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Policy In Public / Feature

2011 Federal Election

Spring Issue

Policy in Public - 2011 Federal Election

The 2011 Special Election Edition of Cardus Policy in Public features Cardus' election analysis; a new four-sector framework for the renewal of Canadian social architecture; and commentary on the reorganization of Canada's left.

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At Long Last Politics will Yield to Policy

By Peter Stockland

Once again, after far too long, policy, not puerile politics, will be paramount in Canada's parliament.


Cardus Post-Election Briefing: Conference Call

By Michael Van Pelt

Cardus president Michael Van Pelt moderated a panel discussion this morning at the Crossroads studios in Burlington. Featuring Ray Pennings (Cardus Director...


Stronger Together: A Four Sector Approach to Renewing Canadian Social Architecture

By Michael Van Pelt

This Canadian election did not make any fundamental shifts in the understanding of the ways and means of the government. There are still two basic tools...


Fights We'll Wish We Had: a Four Sectors Analysis of the 2011 Canadian Federal Election

By Ray Pennings and Robert Joustra

Sometimes relationships are conspicuous not for the fights they have, but for the ones they don't. This federal election left Canadians feeling uneasy for...


The Left's Long Road from Here

By Jonathan Malloy

After Monday night's devastation, the centre-left in Canada has a very long road ahead. The Canadian centre-left has not had a great few years under the Age...

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