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Going Local

Fall Issue

Policy in Public - Going Local

Going local is the sort of Millennial mantra that gets play on both sides of the partisan playground. For conservatives, going local is about devolution, federalism, small government, and individual responsibility. For liberals, going local is a political act of opposition to faceless corporations and bureaucracies, a cultivation of authenticity and rootedness in a society of simulacra and simulation.

Canada's challenge, and this issue of Cardus Policy in Public, is about exploring an embedded localism tethered to a robust federalism, with a good Samaritan kind of global neighbourliness.

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Going Local in a "Global" World? Principled Free Trade, Mercantilism, and Environmental Protectionism

By Russ Kuykendall

But while global trade policy has tended to sing from a free trade song sheet, the reality even in countries singing the free trade anthem the loudest is...


Sheering the Wool off Going Local

By Peter Menzies

No doubt there are corporations and companies—great ones—that walk the talk, but as in all things, investors, analysts, and observers need to focus more...

Going Local: A New Kind of Short-Termism?

By Brian Dijkema

My response will try to tease out the potential gaps that remain in his move from philosophy to policy and suggest some alternative views. Ultimately, I argue...

Go Local, Young Man

By Robert Joustra

Going local means an unapologetic embrace of the goods of modern life, its rights and efficiencies, with a cautious eye to the train of human...


A C2C Journal Debate

By Peter Stockland and Michael Walker

“Be it resolved that markets cannot function without a basis in shared religious belief.”
Book Review

Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communites in a Global Age

By Nathan McLellan

In Going Local: Creating Self-Reliant Communities in a Global Age, Michael Shuman seeks to place the where of production at the center of his...
Book Review

The Ethics of Public Administration: The Challenges of Global Governance

By Alan Bulley

Sara Jordan and Philip Gray have a broad view of studying and teaching public administration. In an increasingly globalized world, they suggest, it is ...
Think Tank Index

Fall 2011 Index

The Fall 2011 Canadian Think Tank Index, featuring a compilation of pertinent research and publications from other think tanks.

Going Local: Recalculating the Cost-Benefit of Indigenous Industry

By John Leder

A conversation that pits local business against multi-national corporations gets at only half the truth. The problem is not the scale of the economic...

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