The Teacher Excellence Awards

Celebrating excellence in education for the common good

Excellence in education means more than academic performance.

At Cardus, we are committed to teachers who have a robust sense of excellence that includes but also goes beyond performance and towards nurturing student character, engaging the local community, and improving school culture.

Our vision is to engender cultural renewal in Christian schools and communities across Canada for the generations to come.



The Teacher Excellence Awards recognize excellence as an ongoing investment into the life of a Christian school community and positive public contribution to the common good. Being shortlisted for Teacher Excellence Awards is an indication of a particular educator or school community’s reputation for giftedness and excellent practice. The Awards are nationwide, and presented biennially by Cardus, Christian Schools Canada, Christian School Foundation, and EduDeo Ministries.

The award panel will look for evidence that a teacher demonstrates excellence in all of the following areas:

  1. Purpose in teaching and learning
  2. Rigour in teaching and learning
  3. Service in teaching and learning

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Launched in 2016 by Cardus and the Christian School Foundation, the awards were originally named for and sponsored by Sarnia business leader John Rozema, esteemed for his commitment to both local and global issues, and for his support of educational institutions.




The Teacher Excellence Awards are presented in proud partnership with Christian Schools Canada, the Christian School Foundation, and EduDeo Ministries.


About Cardus Education

Cardus Education exists to provide reliable, credible data for non-government types of education.

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